The popularity of drum screens in the United Kingdom is steadily increasing and the reasons for their use are varied. However, we felt the most compelling reasons had to come from those who actually used the screens on a regular basis. The following are genuine comments from people who are in the best position to comment:

Gary Cunningham – Music Director

I am the worship team music director at Living Hope Christian church in Hull. We have been using a range of drum screens from Grace Supplies for the last few years. We required the screen to limit the volume of the drum kit so as to not overpower the congregational singing, but at the same time not to lose the acoustic resonance and feel of the tone of the kit.

With the drum screen in situ, we are now able to control the sound of the kit direct to the mixing desk via a condenser mic. This enables us to contain the sound within the stylish clear perspex screen.

I would recommend the drum screen to any prospective purchaser as a sound investment and essential part of any live music event.

Mark Houlton – Drummer 

“The use of the drum shield helps me as a drummer in numerous ways. For instance, the screen helps to regulate the sound of the drums by sending the sound in one direction. So while before, the drums were perhaps the loudest instrument, over-taking the rest of the music, the screen helps in refining that sound to help in giving an equal and appropriate volume from each instrument. Furthermore, the drum screen aids in what I, as a drummer, can hear. Instead of various sounds flying around, it is easier to pick up what other musicians are playing, again due to the refinement that the drum screen causes.” 

Simon Stevens, Owner of Repercussion ProDrums Ltd

“Having played the drums for 25 years and having worked in music retail for 12 of those (now owning a dedicated drum store and an online music hypermarket) it was a must for me to head down to Grace Supplies to see their new drum screens. I must say that on first impressions I was knocked for six! The screens and mounting system looked the business. As anyone who is looking to tour knows, a portable drum screen’s assembly and disassembly is the key to a great product – and without a doubt this is the best I have seen. 

Now down to the knitty gritty…does it work? YES is the answer as the screens have great sound reflection and absorbtion. So in a nut shell if you are looking for a pro drum screen then this is the product and company for you.

Paul Stephenson – Sound Technician

As a sound engineer, my primary responsibility is to provide a balanced soundstage both for the musicians and for the enjoyment and involvement of the audience. The Grace Supplies drum screen system has proved to be a unique and revolutionary tool in controlling the volume and quality of sound from the drum kit. With the screen in place, the drums can be individually amplified and controlled without overpowering the other musicians therefore leaving the balance of sound completely in the control of the sound desk.

I thoroughly recommend this product as an essential part of providing a balanced and controllable sound in any live venue. With thoughtful design and fantastic quality, Grace Supplies has a drum screen system that could really work for you, as it has been such an overwhelming success for us.