Our Microphone Sound Back is a 30cm diameter transparent disc made from a 3mm thick high quality acrylic and is designed to reflect sound back to the musician so they can hear themselves better, while at the same time diffusing the narrow high energy acoustical beam associated with brass instruments, making life more bearable for anyone directly in the “line of fire”. These Sound Backs have the added benefit of reducing the potential for feedback by deflecting speaker monitor fold-back sound away from the back of the mic. It is great for vocals, too, and works best when paired with a microphone such as a Sure SM58, SM57 or similar microphone. The hole opening for the microphone is 29mm.

  • Microphone Sound Back Screen
  • 30cm Disc with 29mm hole and grommet for mic.
  • Ideal for SM58 or SM57 microphones

Perfect for use during Covid-19 to help prevent droplet spread to congregation.

Microphone Sound Back: £30

Delivery: £5.95

Delivery Time: This item is usually in stock and is delivered within 2-5 working days.